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Onder Food is a private company with headquarter in Tekirdağ, Turkey, and with many years of experience in the food industry. Our company provides services by supplying natural food additives to its customers producing different products in the food industry.

Fruits, vegetables, and herbs available in various forms (whole, sliced, diced, and powder) getting dried through either freeze-drying or air-drying method are among the most sold natural raw materials we supply.

In addition to our dried fruits, vegetables, and herbal products, stevia extracts, which is a natural sweetener or also called bio-sweetener and a sugar substitute derived from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni, and botanical extracts are the leading ingredients we supply for our customers.

Providing first-class natural food ingredients made from high-quality raw materials to our customers with unique customer service is the most important foundation of our sense of service.

Considered as a customer-oriented and reliable supplier in the eyes of its customers, Onder Food always helps its customers by coming up with a solution to the problems its customers face. With our sense of delivering unique service, we always look for opportunities that can enable us to help our customers reach their goals.

Our guaranteed commitment is to provide the finest and safe natural ingredients to our customers and be fully respectful to nature. We also commit to stay ethical, honest, and transparent with our employees and all who we work and serve.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to assist food suppliers in reaching easily to cost-effective, highest-quality, and sustainable products. By doing so, not only do we empower our customers’ businesses, but also help people all over the world reach healthier foods.

Our Company Vision

Our vision is to become a trusted industry leader in the food industry by providing our cost-effective and highest-quality products as well as our excellent service including providing our unique solutions.